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Title: Investigation of interplay between altered cellular metabolism and genome integrity in cancer
Supervisors: Ann-Sofie Jemth, PhD, Petra Marttila, PhD student, Dimitrios Chioureas, PhD, post doc
Date: 2021-11-30

Title: Inhibiting the DNA-repair enzyme 8-Oxoguanine Glycosylase (OGG1) as a novel treatment for acute inflammation – exploring the cellular mechanism of the new inhibitors.
Supervisors: Christina Kalderén, Stella Karsten
Date: 2018-12-10

Title: The impact of intestinal ERβ on gut microbiota diversity during colitis-induced colorectal cancer
Supervisors: Linnea Pettersson, Amena Archer
Date: 2019-06-28

Title: Co-profiling of protein and RNA expression in single cells
Supervisor: Marc Friedländer
Date: 2021-06-18

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